Top 10 YouTube Ads for April

The Top 10 YouTube Ads for April have been published on
This month’s Leaderboard shows us how brands can engage a global audience from both sides of the atlantic. 

The Evian Babies ad is a huge hit at number 1 on our leaderboards in the UK, France, Germany, Italy & Spain and has also ranked highly in the US. Carrying on the trend is the internationally successful Dove Sketches ad, which has captured the imagination of the UK audience and comes in at number 2.

Irn Bru ranks well for the second month in a row and is a great example of how a brand is building episodic content, delighting impassioned fans despite geographical borders. Similarly, KLM’s ad takes advantage of YouTube’s global reach to launch their worldwide competition. 

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Posted by Ali Turhan, Industry Analyst – Agency Strategy

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