The new and improved Google Partners experience

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The Google Partners program was built to offer our advertising partners access to industry events, trainings and tools to help boost their skill set. Now, all these benefits will be front and center in your Google Ads experience so you can easily access your company’s badge, specialization status and promotional offers right where you create and manage campaigns for your clients.

Your company’s Partners details can be found in the Google Ads manager account that was associated with your company’s Partners profile. There, you’ll find these three features:
  • Badge status: All the information about your badge status, company specializations and certifications can be found here. You can also access badge assets and the new public company profile. Find out more about the Google Partner badges here.
  • Promotional offers: This feature provides promotional offers for your eligible Google Ads accounts, and these can now be automatically applied. Select the auto-apply promotional offers option to take advantage of this feature. You can view all available promotional offers, and see what’s been applied in the last 90 days.
  • Company details: Check this section to ensure company details like name and location are up-to-date.

Explore and familiarize yourself with the new Partners program section in your Google Ads account and find more information about the changes here.

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