Resuming SameSite Cookie Changes in July

In April, we temporarily rolled back the enforcement of SameSite cookie labeling to ensure stability for websites providing essential services in the critical initial stage of COVID-19 response. We indicated plans to resume the rollout over the summer.

Since April we have continued to monitor overall ecosystem readiness, and engage with websites and services to ensure they are prepared for the SameSite labeling policy. We are planning to resume our SameSite cookie enforcement coinciding with the stable release of Chrome 84 on July 14, with enforcement enabled for Chrome 80+.

As with the previous rollout, the enforcement will be gradual and we will keep you informed on timing and any possible changes on the SameSite Updates page on Our overall guidance for developers hasn’t changed and you can find more information along with resources and channels to provide feedback in this previous Chromium post and on

Posted by Justin Schuh – Director, Chrome EngineeringRead More