Re-imagine your future workspace with Google Meet Series One hardware

For more than a decade, G Suite has been on a journey to help our customers and users transform how they communicate and collaborate. We’ve invested in making Google Meet a secure and reliable video conferencing solution, and have accelerated development of critical features for customers, including offering premium features for free at the start of the pandemic. As the shift toward more flexible and distributed teams increasingly takes hold, video conferencing has become a fixture in how we connect and collaborate. Today, in partnership with Lenovo, we’re unveiling the next step in our vision to help customers prepare for the future with the Series One meeting room kits for Google Meet.

Introducing the new Google Meet hardware - Series One the first meeting room hardware that puts people first. They are designed to provide captivating and immersive video and audio experiences, using the best of Google intelligence and high quality components.

As companies consider their safe return to the office, many are planning for a mix of remote and in-person work environments. They are redesigning meeting spaces to allow for social distancing with larger, sparsely-populated rooms or many smaller meeting spaces. This makes it more critical than ever to implement video solutions that are helpful and inclusive. Series One is designed for this and comes with the best of Google AI built in—people can join meetings touch free with their voice, enjoy studio-grade audio through enhanced noise cancellation, and benefit from smart capabilities like automatic participant framing.

  • 1 – Google_Series One_Viking_Front Tilted with Falcon Lite.jpg
    Smart Audio Bar
  • 2 – Google_Series One_Meet Compute System_On Table Stand.jpg
    Meet Compute System
  • 3 – Google_Series_One_Mic Pod_LIGHT ON_Ortho Top.jpg
    Mic Pod
  • 4 – Google_Series_One_Touch Controller_Angled Front.jpg
    10.1” Touch Controller
  • 5 – Google_Series One_Medium Room Kit.jpg
    Medium Room Kit (in Charcoal)
  • 6 – Google_Series One_Medium Room Kit_Chalk.jpg
    Medium Room Kit (in Chalk)

More immersive meetings

Video conferencing doesn’t just connect rooms to other rooms—it helps foster inclusivity by enabling everyone to have a seat at the table. Series One uses the latest in AI to deliver enhanced audio and video clarity that makes you feel like you’re all together, even when you aren’t. TrueVoice®, our multi-channel noise cancellation and voice amplification technology minimizes distractions to ensure every voice is heard. The Smart Audio Bar uses 8 beam-forming microphones and the largest kit configuration can process up to 44 channels simultaneously. This means distracting sounds, like snacking or typing on a keyboard, are filtered out completely, but voices are crystal clear. 

All Series One room kits take advantage of the same tech used in Google’s data centers, built right into the Meet Compute System and Smart Audio Bar. The Coral M.2 accelerator modules with Google Edge TPUs allow for AI-powered audio and video processing that preserves privacy and allows Series One to take advantage of future machine learning innovations, while maintaining high performance and reliability for AV workloads.

Google Series One.gif

Each Series One kit includes a regular or extra large true 4K smart camera that captures every detail, with the Smart Camera XL featuring 20.3 megapixels and a 4.3x zoom. The high resolution makes digital PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) effects and automatic participant framing possible without any loss of image quality.

Effortless installation and management

Series One room kits offer the versatility that today’s flexible work environments demand with configurations for small, medium and large-sized rooms. The Compute System in Series One is purpose-built for Meet on Chrome OS, making it easy to install and keep up to date. Everything is securely managed through the Google Admin console, including device setup, status checks, and minor issue resolution without ever having to visit the room. To help monitor room utilization and maintain safety protocols, each kit can anonymously sense the number of room participants and visits.

Google_Series One_Endeavor_Chalk_Cable System Detail.jpg

A single power source architecture with PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) and a color-coded cable management system for components helps to reduce cable clutter and simplify installation, while significantly lowering costs. And as room sizes change, kits can be expanded with more mic pods and an add-on audio bar for room-filling, stereo sound. Audio calibration for room acoustics is also simple; a single touch can automatically optimize the system audio settings for different room sizes and surfaces.

Automatic over-the-air updates ensure easy fleet management. The hardware is always running the latest firmware, security patches and new innovations. Every component, down to the cables, has been rigorously tested for durability in high-use environments. For extra peace of mind, Series One kits come with three years of Lenovo Premier Support.

Meeting control is effortless with a sleek low profile 10.1” touch-screen controller that’s powered by a single cable. Small room kits include a rechargeable remote control. All kits support hands-free control through Google Assistant, so you can say “Hey Google, join my meeting” and other queries to start or end a meeting, unmute, and more.

Google_Series One_In Situ_Medium Room_Chalk.jpg

Approachable design

With soft silhouettes and quality materials that complement any meeting space, the new Series One room kits were designed specifically with customers and administrators in mind. The devices easily blend into any room and come in two color models, Charcoal and Chalk. Rounded corners, quality fabric and Google’s signature industrial design make Series One a welcome addition to any architectural style.

The new Series One hardware further expands our hardware lineup to continue delivering meeting experiences that bring people together in the most meaningful way—from room to room, building to building, and around the world. Watch our announcement on-demand or reach out to Lenovo for purchasing details.

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