Moving the mobile conversation to the Inside AdWords blog

Posted by: Google Mobile Ads Team

There’s a lot to say about mobile!  In today’s multi-screen world, mobile is a part of everything we do.  And mobile ads are an important part of that conversation… now, more than ever.  In this spirit, we will be moving the content of the mobile ads blog to the Inside AdWords one to consolidate our communications with businesses and advertisers.

We’ll continue to provide updates there about mobile-related product developments, findings from our latest research, and successes of advertisers and developers. Going forward, mobile and multi-screen content, can be found at the following links, all of which will be updated frequently.

Inside AdWords Blog – Google’s official blog for news, tips and information on AdWords. This is where the majority of the posts you saw on the mobile ads blog will now live.

Think With Google – The home of all of our content for businesses and digital media experts. The Think website is updated frequently with new articles, research studies, planning tools and more.

Google Ads + Page – The Google Ads Google+ page is a central place for you to learn how Google can help make the web work for you and drive your customers from intent to action.

See you soon on one of these resources.

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