Introducing the new YouTube Ads Leaderboard: Great Ads People Choose

What makes an ad great?  Simple: when people “choose” to watch it. On YouTube, we see this more and more – fans are opting to view and share content they’re passionate about, be it a music video, a favorite show, or an ad. 

In order to celebrate great ads that people love to watch, we are launching a monthly YouTube UK Ads Leaderboard to showcase the top 10 ads that most moved audiences and had the highest number of views through a winning combination of promotion (paid ads) and popularity (organic views).

The top ten ads leaderboard list for March is:

1. Fiat – The Fatherhood – Fiat 500L 12″ Remix (Fiat UK) 

‘The clear trend this month is how big brand advertisers are using video to deliver unique original content made specifically for their YouTube fans – whether chart topping music videos such as Fiat’s The Fatherhood, app reviews like O2’s App Lab, or enlisting the help of Monty Python comedic geniuses for Save the Children. It’s no longer only about sticking your TV ad on the web and waiting for views, true success is thinking about how to entertain and interact with the online community to build a loyal audience of brand fans. A look through the Fiat’s comments demonstrates the connection that can be built through this sort of creative outreach and the value that represents for a brand.’ 
Kevin Mathers, Managing Director, YouTube UK

Stay tuned throughout the year as we recognize the new ads you love each month!

Posted by Ali Turhan, Industry Analyst – Agency Strategy

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