Introducing the AdMob eCPM Floor Beta

Today, we’re giving AdMob developers more control over the value of ad impressions served to their apps. The AdMob eCPM Floor beta allows developers to set a minimum CPM they’d like to receive for each ad. The beta is available to AdMob developers who are using AdMob Mediation.

How does this work? Advertisers bid to show their ads on apps in the AdMob network, and an auction is run for every impression to determine the winner. We predict what the ‘expected CPM’ (eCPM) of that ad impression will be. The developer sets a minimum eCPM and we will only serve ads to their app that meet or exceed that level. For example, if a floor of $1.25 is set, we’ll only show ads with an eCPM of $1.25 or more. When choosing a floor value it’s important for developers to look at their own reporting and determine a value that’s relevant to them.

Here are a few details to know when taking part in the beta:

  • Make sure the eCPMs that are set for other ad networks are accurate.
  • We don’t guarantee the final value of the eCPM, since we don’t know if a user will click on the ad.

Developers who use the beta have the option of setting just one network line item in their mediation stack which uses the eCPM floor. Or, they can have two network line items, one that uses the eCPM floor and one without, so they can continue to fill impressions at their current fill rate. Setting the eCPM floor at a very high value will likely lead to a decrease in the fill rate.

Find setup instructions in the AdMob Help Center here under the article titled ‘Allocate traffic by eCPM’.

Posted by: Vishay Nihalani, Product Manager, Google

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