Helping ISVs leverage the power of Google Cloud

Businesses run key applications in the cloud to take advantage of lower cost and increased global availability, security, and elasticity. And increasingly, enterprises are looking for more—they want greater deployment flexibility, they want to unlock the value of data through analytics and AI/ML, and they want to take advantage of the technology ecosystems that the cloud enables. 

To meet this demand, independent software vendors (ISVs) are asking more of their public cloud partners. It’s no longer enough to simply run their products in the cloud, it’s becoming imperative to transform. This means adopting more agile, multi-cloud architectures and practices for portability, and the ability to form true partnerships that enable innovation and differentiation.

Today, we’re announcing the Google Cloud ISV/SaaS Center of Excellence (CoE), a new resource to help ISVs accelerate this cloud transformation journey. Whether ISVs are transforming their applications with open, cloud-agnostic architectures, transforming their users’ experience through AI/ML and voice, or delivering intelligent insight from their applications by providing rich analytics to business users, the CoE can help.

ISV Solution Architects within the CoE bring product, technology and solution architecture expertise across Google Cloud and other Google product areas. They help ISVs create effective deployments of their apps onto GCP while leveraging best practices and methodologies from Google’s own devops/SRE capabilities from delivering our own applications at massive scale, and their experience accelerating cloud journeys for many of the world’s top ISVs.

The (multi-)cloud transformation journey
There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to cloud transformation journeys. Many ISV are working with customers to migrate business critical applications from on-premises to the cloud, either ‘lifting-and-shifting’ as quickly and easily as possible, or more often taking the opportunity to upgrade and adopt modern, cloud native architectures based on containers, microservices, serverless and open source software. Others are transforming not just their products, but their business models as they transition to a managed service or SaaS model.

There’s a common theme to these journeys: multi-cloud. ISVs are leveraging multiple public clouds, or adopting a hybrid Google Cloud and on-premises/edge model, to deliver higher availability, expand globally while meeting local regulatory requirements, enable their customers to run in environments best-suited for their business, and/or avoid vendor lock-in. The CoE has unique expertise in building and deploying applications on Google Cloud’s Anthos platform and designing cloud-agnostic architectures based on open source software.

Temenos, a leading banking ISV, announced a global, strategic partnership with Google Cloud earlier this year. Temenos leveraged the CoE to deliver their suite of banking software and applications both within the customer’s own Google Cloud environment, and via a Software-as-a-Service model. Temenos leveraged Anthos to help customers deploy mission-critical workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

“There has been explosive growth of cloud adoption in the banking industry, and we are delighted to partner with Google Cloud to deliver our software as a service on Google Cloud, and across multiple cloud platforms with Anthos,” said Tony Coleman, Product Director, Temenos Technology. “Working with the ISV/SaaS CoE has enabled us to move faster by gaining access to hands-on technical knowledge when we need it and providing access to expertise deep within Google.”

Innovation and differentiation through collaboration
The CoE is also committed to helping ISVs transform their existing products, or develop new ones. The CoE is helping ISVs embed intelligence to enable automation and predictability, embed voice, video, search and chat-based interfaces to change UI/UX, and help their business users act on real time insight by blending first party data with external third party data without needing data scientists. 

The CoE co-innovates with ISVs using Google Cloud’s broad solution portfolio including AI/ML solutions like Contact Center AI or Cloud Healthcare API, smart analytics capabilities like BigQuery and AutoML tables, and enterprise collaboration tools like Google Meet. ISVs also create truly unique and differentiated solutions by leveraging the CoE’s expertise and strong connections with broader Google product areas like Google Shopping, Ads, Maps, Pay, Assistant, Android and Chrome.

OpenText, the industry leading Information Management software provider, selected Google as their preferred partner for cloud-based Digital Experience Platform (DXP) customer experience management deployments. Users of OpenText’s DXP customer experience management solution often use Google’s Marketing Platform. To drive more personalized, relevant and engaging experiences that ultimately result in higher conversion rates, customers want to blend their first party data with data sources across Google Analytics 360, Ads and YouTube. The CoE, OpenText, Google Marketing Platform and the Smart Analytics teams are co-innovating to bring that vision to market.

“Google Cloud provides a compelling platform for companies to securely manage their content and applications, with planetary scale and opportunities for innovation,” said Lou Blatt, CMO at OpenText. “But customers want more. The ISV/SaaS CoE, has enabled us to bring together expertise across Google Cloud and wider Google product areas to deliver a truly unique solution to our common customers.”

To learn more, and get started with the CoE, reach out to your Google Cloud partner manager or visit Google Cloud Partner Advantage.

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