Grow your cloud career with high-growth jobs and skill badges

Cloud computing and data skills are especially in demand, as organizations are increasingly turning to digital solutions to transform the way they work and do business. The World Economic Forum predicts there will be close to a 30 percent increase in demand for data, AI, engineering, and cloud computing roles by 2022. Since April, Google Cloud learners have more than doubled year-over-year1. Of those who have started learning with us in 2020, many are looking to upskill or reskill into stable, well paying career paths.

To help our expanding community of learners ramp quickly with their cloud careers, Google Cloud is unveiling a new Grow your cloud career webpage where you can find information on in-demand cloud career paths and free upskilling and reskilling resources. You can earn your first Google Cloud skill badges for your resume, which signify to employers that you have hands-on Google Cloud experience. We also have a special no cost learning section for small business leaders to help you build your first website and transform your business with data and AI.

If you’re not sure which cloud role is right for you, we recommend exploring these three high-growth career paths.

Data Analyst

By 2025, an estimated 463 exabytes of data is expected to be generated everyday. From online purchases, to personal health trackers, to smart factories, and more, the world generates massive amounts of data, but without Data Analysts this data is meaningless. Data Analysts interpret and gather insights from data, enabling better decision making. Their work is instrumental across several industries and for many business functions, including product development, supply chain management, and customer experience. You don’t need a technical background to get started in this role, but you will need to develop foundational skills in SQL (Structured Query Language), data visualization, and data warehousing. 

Cloud Engineer

With more than 88 percent of organizations now using cloud and planning to increase their usage, it’s no wonder that the Cloud Engineer role was one of the top in-demand job roles in the U.S. in 2019. Cloud Engineers play a critical role in setting up their company’s infrastructure, deploying applications, and monitoring cloud systems and operations. If you have education or experience in IT, the Cloud Engineer role may be the most natural path for you. It will give you a broad foundation in cloud and expose you to several different functions. Although working in cloud will require a shift in mindset for most with a traditional IT background, particularly in terms of automated infrastructure, scale, and agile workflows, there are several transferable IT skills that will continue to serve you well in this role.

Cloud Application Developer

For those with a software development background, expanding your skills into cloud development is a must. Cloud offers developers several benefits, including scalability, better security, cost efficiencies, and ease of deployment. As a Cloud Developer, you are responsible for designing, building, testing, deploying, and monitoring highly scalable and reliable cloud-native applications. To upskill into this role, you will need to gain a deep understanding of cloud platforms, databases, and systems integration. 

If you’re ready to jumpstart your cloud career, visit our Grow your cloud career page where you can start upskilling and earning Google Cloud recognized skill badges for the Data Analyst, Cloud Engineer, or Cloud Developer job roles—get started at no cost here.

1. According to internal data.

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