Google+ iOS SDK: sharebox improvements

UPDATE (1/9/14): These updates were launched on Android as part of Google Play Services 4.1 (learn more).

Today we’re updating the Google+ sharebox in two ways, making it even easier for users to share with the right people from your app:

1) Better auto-complete. Now when users start adding recipients, auto-complete will suggest Gmail contacts, device contacts, and people on Google+. And of course: users can also just type in an email address.

Auto-complete now suggests Gmail contacts, device contacts, or anyone with a Google+ profile.

2) Suggested recipients. Users often share with certain people more than others (like family, for example), so the new “Suggestions” experience highlights these frequent and/or recent contacts at the top of the sharebox. Adding a recipient is as easy as tapping their photo.

Suggested recipients now appear at the top of the Google+ sharebox

Check out our developer documentation to learn more. If you’ve already added the Google+ sharebox to your iOS app, just upgrade to the latest iOS SDK to use today’s features.

Posted by Mohamed Zoweil, Software Engineer, Google+Read More