Creative Sandbox Gallery. Now open for play.

At Google, we’re amazed by how the ad industry is using the digital canvas to bring brands and ideas to life. Whether it’s enticing viewers with video, evoking a smile with a mobile phone, or re-configuring the typical ‘test drive.’ When digital advertising works, it can not only be informative, but emotional and dazzling. That’s why we’ve created a space where everyone can see this great work, talk about it, and roll around in it like a big happy dog.

Yesterday we launched the Creative Sandbox gallery. It’s a crowdsourced collection of global campaigns that push the boundaries of creativity and technology from across digital platforms — a place to flash your brilliance, spark new digital ideas, inspire and be inspired. We’re asking the creators to share a little detail on how they made the magic happen and the tools they used to do it, exposing us all to new ideas and new ways to improve our own work.

As with any sandbox, looking and playing are required. Vote to push your favorite projects to the top. Tell other creators what you admire. And if you’ve done something amazing lately, send it in. We’d all love to see it.

Jump in. Explore. And play.

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