Announcing the latest Google Open Source Peer Bonus winners!

We are very pleased to announce the latest Google Open Source Peer Bonus winners!

The Google Open Source Peer Bonus program rewards external open source contributors nominated by Googlers for their exceptional contributions to open source. Historically, the program was primarily focused on rewarding developers. Over the years the program has evolved—rewarding not just software engineers contributors from every part of open source—including technical writers, user experience and graphic designers, community managers and marketers, mentors and educators, ops and security experts. 

This time around we have 90 winners from an impressive number of countries—24—spread across five continents: Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Italy, Japan, Mozambique, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Uganda, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Although the majority of recipients in this round were recognized for their code contributions, more than 40% of the successful nominations included tooling work, community work, and documentation. (Some contributors were recognized for their work in more than one area.)

Below is the list of current winners who gave us permission to thank them publicly:

Winner Project
Xihan Li A Concise Handbook of TensorFlow 2
Alain Schlesser AMP Plugin for WordPress
Pierre Gordon AMP Plugin for WordPress
Catherine Houle AMP Project
Quyen Le Hoang ANGLE
Kamil Bregula Apache Airflow
László Kiss Kollár auditwheel/manylinux
Jack Neus Chrome OS Release Branching tool
Fabian Henneke chromium
Matt Godbolt Compiler Explorer
Sumeet Pawnikar coreboot
Hal Seki covid19
Derek Parker Delve
Alessandro Arzilli Delve
Matthias Sohn Eclipse Foundation
Luca Milanesio Eclipse Foundation
João Távora eglot
Brad Cowie faucetsdn
Harri Hohteri Firebase
Rosário Pereira Fernandes Firebase
Peter Steinberger Firebase iOS, CocoaPods
Eduardo Silva Fluent Bit
Matthias Sohn Gerrit Code Review
Marco Miller Gerrit Code Review
Camilla Löwy GLFW
Akim Demaille GNU Bison
Josh Bleecher Snyder Go
Alex Brainman Go
Richard Musiol Go
Roger Peppe Go, CUE, gohack
Daniel Martí Go, CUE, many individual repo.
Juan Linietsky Godot Engine
Maddy Myers Google Research Open-COVID-19-Data
Pontus Leitzler govim, gopls
Paul Jolly govim, gopls
Parul Raheja Ground
Pau Freixes gRPC
Marius Brehler IREE
George Nachman iterm2
Kenji Urushima jsrsasign
Jacques Chester KNative
Markus Thömmes Knative Serving
Savitha Raghunathan Kubernetes
David Anderson libdwarf
Florian Westphal Linux kernel
Jonas Bernoulli magit
Hugo van Kemenade Many open-source Python projects
Jeff Lockhart Maps SDK for Android Utility Library
Claude Vervoort Moodle
Jared McNeill NetBSD
Nao Yonashiro nginx-sxg-module
Geoffrey Booth Node.js
Gus Caplan Node.js
Guy Bedford Node.js
Samson Goddy Open Source Community Africa
Daniel Dyla OpenTelemetry
Leighton Chen OpenTelemetry
Shivkanya Andhare OpenTelemetry
Bartlomiej Obecny OpenTelemetry
Philipp Wagner OpenTitan, Ibex, CocoTB
Srijan Reddy Oppia
Chris S Oppia
Bastien Guerry Org mode
Gary Kramlich Pidgin Lead Developer
Hassan Kibirige plotnine
Abigail Dogbe PyLadies Ghana
David Hewitt PyO3
Yuji Kanagawa PyO3
Mannie Young Python Ghana
Alex Bradbury RISC-V LLVM, Ibex, OpenTitan
Lukas Taegert-Atkinson Rollup.js
Sanil Raut Shaka Packager
Richard Hallows stylelint
Luke Edwards Svelte and Node Libraries
Zoe Carver Swift Programming Language
Nick Lockwood SwiftFormat
Priti Desai Tekton
Sayak Paul TensorFlow
Lukas Geiger TensorFlow
Margaret Maynard-Reid TensorFlow
Gabriel de Marmiesse TensorFlow Addons
Jared Morgan The Good Docs Project
Jo Cook The Good Docs Project, GeoNetwork, Portable GIS, Various Open Source Geospatial Foundation communities
Ricky Mulyawan Suryadi Tink JNI Examples
Nicholas Marriott Tmux
Michael Tüxen usrsctp
Seth Brenith V8
Ramya Rao VS Code Go
Philipp Hancke WebRTC
Jason Donenfeld WireGuard
Congratulations to our winners! We look forward to your continued support and contributions to open source!

By Maria Tabak and Erin McKean, Program Managers – Google Open Source Programs Office

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